2-in-1 Cotton Flatweave Rugs

One of our flagship rug collections at Airloom is undoubtedly our reversible Cotton Flatweaves. I love that you can create a bold and graphic look one day... 


And flip it over for a classic stripe the next.


Sourced from Estonia, a country at the tippy top of Northern Europe (bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland), these flatweaves are inspired by the classical Nordic cotton flatweaving techniques. So these are legit Scandi.


Woven from natural cotton (sourced in a sustainable manner), these Cotton Flatweaves are soft to the touch and meet high standards of quality. 

There are 18 different designs in the range, giving us 36 looks in total. Which brings me to my last point. The one ongoing issue that I have with this collection - the question of which design to choose! What's your favourite?



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