Find out why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is taking center stage

Luxury vinyl flooring: why we love it 

If you’ve ever completed a renovation or if you’re in the middle of one, you may well be feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices you have to make. Deciding on your flooring can be one of the hardest, and most costly, decisions but we’re here to help. Here’s why we believe you should look no further than luxury vinyl flooring.

What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring? 

Tough enough to resist scratches, dents and stains yet flexible enough to be comfortable underfoot, luxury vinyl flooring is the practical (and stylish) choice to use throughout your home (yes, including bathrooms and kitchens). It’s made in specialist factories where several material layers are heat-compressed together to form a vinyl plank.The foundation of each plank is primarily made from PVC vinyl but the beauty is that the end product is the perfect replication of natural wood or stone.                                                                    


Get the look you’re after. 

At Airloom we’re proud to be the exclusive agents for two exceptional luxury vinyl flooring brands - Amtico and mFLOR. Both of these companies are market leaders globally and pride themselves on quality and design. We love their range with so many colours, styles and designs to choose from. Whether you’re after a wood or stone look, a wide plank or herringbone, our flooring is guaranteed to give style and warmth to your home.

Use Luxury Vinyl throughout your home

Will you have the same flooring in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom? Luxury vinyl is water resistant and can therefore be used throughout your home. Now there’s a decision you can tick off the list.

Choose proven durability. 

If you ask someone who has recently completed a renovation what they might do differently next time round, it’s likely they’ll talk about finishes they would change which have not stood the test of time. Don’t make that mistake with the flooring you choose. Luxury vinyl flooring has proven again and again its durability - it’s used in some of the most demanding environments such as Virgin Active and some of the Foschini Group brands. Unlike natural wood, stone and traditional flooring materials, it does not crack, it’s stain resistant, suitable for underfloor heating and perfect for a busy home.

Here are just a few of the Airloom designs that are available - many more where these came from.

Simple installation

Here at Airloom we have nearly 38 years of experience in the flooring industry as well as close to 100 years of combined contracting experience which we draw from. Any contractors with which we work have been carefully chosen - they are owner-managed, quality driven and have vast experience and expertise in this field so one thing you don’t need to worry about is installation. We’ll take care of it.

 Easy to maintain

You want to look after your home but you don’t want to stress should a drop of tea be spilt or the dog run in with muddy paws. Luxury vinyl is very easy to clean - head this way to read our cleaning and maintenance guide.

 Environmentally-friendly and safe

We are also proud that our chosen flooring suppliers continually invest in environmentally-friendly products and production processes and, of course, they are 100% safe for you and your family. Read more about some of our flooring's environmental credentials here.

Get in touch

Take a look at our flooring options and get in touch with us should you have any queries whatsoever.


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