Airloom launches its new Signature Collection

100% Hemp, Wool, Cotton, Leather and all-weather rugs... a feast for the senses

Airloom is delighted to be launching our Signature Collection of handcrafted rugs - brace yourself for these next-level designs. Sourced from the houses of Voke and Papilio, these high-end collections are all about luxurious texture, natural weaves and subtle design.




This tightly edited collection expands on our rug offering with purpose – each piece has been considered with care, and made with love from the best hands in the industry to deliver a distinctive quality.



The beauty of this collection comes from the variety of textures, comfort, value, functionality and of course design. There’s no doubt that you will pick up on the modern African feels of bold patterns, rich textures and earthy tones.



Have a look at the whole Signature Collection. Take your time scrolling through and finding the perfect rug(s) for your home.



Each rug is handmade by skilled craftsmen from around the world and reflects the contemporary lifestyle trends.





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