Beat the boat Bargains!

Order your new Inside Out rug before our stock arrives, and you'll receive up to 20% off! The boat is due to dock on 10 November, so don't miss your chance to grab this early bird special. 

ANY SIZE YOU LIKE - Whether you need a large area rug or a small runner, we can cut your rug to the size you need.

On board, we've got these all-time favourite designs just waiting to hit our shores which will be available in the following standard sizes and prices (remember you can also customise your size) if you order after 10 November:

 2x3m: R2250
3x4m: R4500
4x5m: R7500

And then if you're interested in runners...

0,8 x 4m: R1500
0,8 x 3m: R1125
0.8 x 5m: R1875

Firstly, we have the Jailbird stripe (available in Grey, Black and Silvermint)


Then there is the bold Herringbone design (available in Grey, Black and Silvermint).

Next we have Diamonds, which are everyone's best friend (available in Grey, Black and Silvermint)

If you're more inclined toward the vintage look, we've got brand new Ancestrals and Vintage Patchworks.

Email to secure your early bird price of up to 20% off. And remember, you can customise your rug size to suit your space (including very large area rugs). 




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