Big is beautiful

At Airloom, we love Extra Large rugs

In any room, the floor is pretty much one of the biggest surfaces - almost like the fifth wall of a room. So it makes sense to spend some time selecting the perfect rug. In fact, the designs, colours and size you choose can help you define, break and connect spaces in the most wonderful way.

When in doubt, get the larger one

Grab your tape measure and get measuring. The standard 1.6 x 2.3m rugs are fine for small to mid-sized room, but many amazing spaces are let down by rugs that aren't the right size. 'Just larger than the coffee table' won't cut it, 99% of the time. In your lounge, for instance, make sure that the front two feet of your sofa and chairs rest on the rug (at the very least). 


This way, the rug anchors the lounge beautifully. If your rug is smaller than that, it often looks disjointed, bitty, like the rug might just float away. In this image below, the entire seating area is defined by a neutral rug which holds the space together.


Roll out the texture

A large rug gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce a layer of texture (or even colour, for the brave) into the room. 


Airloom's Robust Collection creates the look of natural texture (made of durable polypropylene) and can be custom-made to the size you want. Needless to say, Airloom can create rugs for really large areas (standard sizes are 2 x 3m, 3 x 4m but we can custom-make larger ones, no problem!)


The bold and the beautiful

Look at the way this smallish room is elongated with the clever use of stripes on a (relatively large) rug. So effective!  This pretty living room proves that an oversized rug need not be restricted to big areas. In this space, can you imagine how 'choppy' and disjointed a small rug would feel? A large design has had the opposite effect. 



Airloom's range of Inside Out rugs has a selection of graphic designs which can be custom-made to fit your space.





At the end of the day, the sheer scale of a large rug can instantly bring a sense of luxury to a room. They're ideal for breaking up large open-plan spaces, defining certain areas, or even linking separate ones. Airloom has a wide selection of really large rugs, custom-made to your size. Have a look and email us at if you'd like more information or a quote.



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