Clean and cared for floors

How to keep your vinyl floor looking like new

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a vinyl floor is that, unlike stone or natural wood, it’s so easy to clean. Here are our top tips for maintaining your floor and keeping it looking its best!



Keep the dirt out

Grit is your floor’s worst enemy as it can detract from its beautiful finish. Keep the worst of the dirt out by using external non-rubber door mats.

Sweep it away

Give your floor a regular sweep with a soft nylon bristled brush - this will prevent any grit from causing damage. Be sure to sweep under furniture too and get into those tight corners!


Give it a light mop 

Once all the dirt has been swept away, you can use a slightly damp mop. We recommend, however, that you use a general all-purpose cleaning product rather than just water. These products are super easy to use and come with their own instructions. Here's something to note though, we advise you to avoid using ammonia or bleach based products on your vinyl or any abrasive cleaners as these can cause dis-colouration and affect your floor’s finish. Don’t use a wax either as this can make your floor too slippery.

Using too much water can also be detrimental to your floor so keep to a slightly damp mop for any cleaning and don’t use steam cleaners.


Use our special cleaning products

For each of our flooring ranges, we recommend particular products for daily/weekly maintenance (products that can be used for a quick mop) and also for a ‘deep clean’ or for more more serious stain removal. These products have been formulated to bring your flooring back to its best so it’s worth investing a little upfront and having them in your kitchen cupboard at the ready.

Prevent scratches

Use felt pads or special furniture caps on your furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables and beds to ensure they don’t scratch your floor and that they can be moved around easily, especially when cleaning.



Ditch the rubber

Rubber and vinyl are not friends so we suggest you give your furniture a check for rubber feet and steer clear of rubber door mats.

Watch the sun

Just as with any flooring, the sun can discolour your floor with its UV rays. In areas of your home where the sun beats in relentlessly, consider using a rug or the like to prevent any changes in finish.

Wipe away any spills

As soon as you spot a spill, wipe it away with a damp soft cloth. 


Get in touch

If you have any questions on the maintenance of your floor, please do get in touch with us. We will gladly help.



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