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Did you know that Airloom is now making an amazing range of well-priced homeware? From clocks to pots, lighting and tables of all shapes and sizes. To celebrate, you're invited to snap up a table at 20% off until 31 August. 

To begin with, there are some beautiful nesting tables (you can always find space for a pair of these!)


A range of Luxury Vinyl Table Tops in three sizes: Small (available with wooden legs or metal hairpin) - on sale for R712.

Medium Tables - on sale for R959.

And the Big Daddy table (on sale for R2040) which would comfortably seat 4 people - I've got my eye on this one for the nook in our kitchen. It's perfect space to watch the kids doing their homework while you make supper. Oh joy.

If you're after a coffee table, there are some beautiful simple oval shapes available with dark or light hairpin legs - on sale for R1119.

Have you seen the pot plant stand? It is ideal for the awkward corners and for bringing a splash of greenery into the home - on sale for R524.



So that's the offer on the table, now the only trouble is choosing which one!



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