Going out on a ledge

If you're anything like me, choosing what pictures are going to hang on your walls (and where to put them) feels like a major commitment. And that's the beauty of The Ledge. Perfect for commitment phobes and the indecisive at heart, these ledges can be used in a myriad of ways around the house.


The Airloom Ledge

Made in South Africa, this the Airloom Ledge is crafted from solid Ash, lightly stained and sealed. Giving you the freedom to switch around your art, or display your books and other small things close to your heart, as often as you like. From R999.


The grown-up reading corner

picture ledge


Here, a series of ledges have been used beautifully as a display for all those precious coffee table books, which are too good to sit in a pile collecting dust. I do feel like they need a comfy chair here though. Source


The Bed Ledge

I love this as an alternative to the traditional bed head. Source

Pretty Prehistoric

How much would your kids love this?! Such a great way to display dinosaurs, cars, figurines - anything. Source


A book nook for littlies

What better way to encourage reading than making a special space for it in your home. So inviting! Source



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When I was little, I was forever switching around the furniture in my room. Fast forward a few decades and nothing has changed. And that’s what Airloom is about… turning houses into homes, living life beautifully, and not taking yourself too seriously.  

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