Our flooring makeover | The Before, (During) & After

We moved into our home over a year ago, and we finally took take the plunge and decided to redo all the flooring in our living areas. Previously, our flooring was a combination of mint wool carpeting and terracotta-style tiles. Here are the 'Before' pics... 

Besides the fact that this was not really our style, it was also incredibly impractical for a family of messy boys, cats and dogs! I shudder at the memory of what our dining room carpet looked like in the end.

Watch the video to get a sneak peak at our experience. If you're considering a new floor for your home, this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Choosing a new floor? Where do you start?

Choosing a new floor is never an easy task. Thankfully there's help at hand. Have a look at Airloom's wide selection of Luxury Vinyl Planks and high quality Wood Laminates as well as cost effective Vinyl Sheeting.

You can get a rough estimate instantly online, request samples to be sent to you, or simply email them for more information at enquiries@airloom.co.za

Watch this space for the full 'After' shots of our home's new facelift - we're busy painting, reupholstering and more. Can't wait to show you!


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