How safe is your floor, really?

There are many different qualities of Vinyl flooring on the market, many of which are not created equal. At the end of the day, your floor is one of the largest surfaces in your home which your family is exposed to every day. So before making your decision, it's important to ask whether the vinyl you're looking at has undergone the correct emissions tests.

When it comes to Luxury Vinyl flooring, Airloom prioritises safety and health above everything else.

So safe, you could eat off the floor!

Airloom's Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring complies not only with the most stringent standards of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for interior applications, but is also in accordance with the same standard that is set for plastic materials in toys and childcare products.

You can have real peace of mind knowing that Airloom Luxury Vinyl floors exceed all the official national and international standards set for floors.

Easy peasy Vinyl cleaning

In addition, Vinyl is exceptionally easy to clean, allowing you to ensure good hygiene in your home. It's no wonder it's used in hospitals worldwide.

No more A.. a... atishooo

Vinyl is the perfect floor to choose if your family struggles with allergies. It helps to prevent or reduce allergies, as fine particles can easily be swept away. 

Check out Airloom's wide selection of colours and designs.


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