Round up of circular rugs

Is there a space in your home begging for a circular rug? Often over-looked for their rectangular cousins, round rugs are actually incredibly versatile and can be used in so many ways to define spaces. Here are a few tips to pulling off the round rug in your home.

Firstly, use it to soften up a space. Do you ever feel like your lounge is too linear? Well, shift from a rectangular rug to a circular one, and you'll diffuse all the harsh lines and angles with this organic circular shape. Here's an example from

To get the look, check out a few of Airloom's Robust Collection which can be custom-made to size.


Secondly, use it to create a welcoming entrance to your home, just like in this image from

Here are a few more options from Airloom:



Create a cozy kitchen nook by placing your round table on top of your rug just like @styleathome has done below. Just be sure that the rug is large enough so that the chairs don't get caught on the rug when you slide them back.


 And lastly, do you have a lonely occasional chair sitting in the corner? Pop a small round rug underneath it, perhaps add a small side table, and Voila! You've created a little reading corner in no time. Image credit for below:

And here's a few options of small round Airloom rugs that would be perfect for this! They're all locally made in South Africa and can be custom-made to size, ranging in price from R599 - R1399.


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