3 ways to lift your neutral interiors

Like many people I know, over the years you may have built up a collection of furniture and decor in various shades of 'meh'. I am not exempt from this - I still have my beige feeding chair that is begging to be re-upholstered. Do you ever feel like you need to give your interiors a bit of a lift (without investing too much in any trends)? I do, and here are a few easy ways to do it.

Small hairpin table - R890
Medium hairpin table - R1199
Light Blush Pot - R350
White Top Hat Lamp - R799
Warm Bygone Cotton Flatweave Rug - from R2650
Robust Stone Argyle Circle Rug - R2950
Tall Pot Plant Stand (in corner) - R655

The Copper Velvet armchair is available from info@inhousefurniture.co.za

1. Texture 

Remember that you experience a room not only through sight, but also by how it feels. By mixing and matching a couple of different textures in one space, you can really up the comfort factor, while creating a sense of visual depth. In this pic, there are so many different textures playing nicely - copper velvet on the chair, a felt cushion, cotton rug, sheepskin, woven poof and the hard edges of those nesting tables. Take a closer look at their table top, which is a worn concrete effect. But I think it looks like the moon landing, which i love.

More good news - texture helps to dampen out noise. Which is a biggie. If you live with smalls. Vinyl flooring has amazing sound absorption qualities, and when you throw down a rug on top of it, well it's like the mute button of interiors. 

Plants are another easy way to add some texture to your space. Whether it's a little succulent (check out our potted beauties), or a massive delicious monster leaf from the garden, I can't get enough of a bit of indoor greenery.

2. Play with different heights

Yes, we all know about colour and texture, but don't forget about their quiet friend, height. There are so many simple ways to bring different heights into a room. The first go-to, is your naturally your walls. Hanging your personal photographs and artwork is the first port of call, but if you're anything like me, there is a fair amount of angst around bashing nails in your walls. If feels pretty permanent, right? Well here's a nice solution that works in a myriad of ways and never leaves you with cold feet.

Introducing, the Ledge.

The Ledge is the perfect spot for art, books, and objet that you know to be beautiful, albeit useless. Next, think nesting tables. This couple plays beautifully in the height space. Plus they've got big brothers too, which work really well on their own, or styled in the same space. Have a look at the clever pot plant stand in the corner. These babies are perfect for filling awkward corners and adding visual interest at different heights. 

Hanging pendant lights can also draw the eye up to another level, creating a whole new level of interest. These guys tick all kinds of texture boxes with their woven wool shade hanging from a turned Ash top. 


3. Layering 

This does a similar thing to texture, adding extra visual depth. It starts with a nice chunky throw or blanket on your couch. Cape Mohair has some stunning pieces! And you can take the same idea onto the floor. Yes, layering rugs is a thing. You can use an interesting shape (like the circle rug in the top pic) to draw the eye to specific area in the room. You might have an old favourite that is just too small beneath your new couch. Simply mix and match it on top of a larger rug that fits the colour scheme (natural looking rugs work well here). There are lots of rules, but you know what they say about those. 

So there you go. Next time you're shuffling in neutral around your lounge, remember these three interior tricks - texture, height and layering. Easy peasy.

That's your dose of decor for today. Back to work.


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