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I like to spend the odd day working from the Airloom studio (in the Palms Lifestyle Centre), mostly because I get to meet so many amazing Airloom customers, like Xan and Pierrre Le Grange. They have bought many Airloom rugs in the past, and now needed a quick fix for the floor in their daughter, Gemma's, bedroom.

We had just the solution... Airloom Quick Fit, a sheet vinyl which comes in a variety of beautiful wood-look designs. And as the name suggests, it really is a no-mess, no fuss process. To give you some real insights, we chatted to Xan after their installation...

Q: What was your existing flooring and why did you feel you needed a change?

A: We had a light taupe coloured carpet in my daughter’s room which was becoming increasingly difficult to keep clean – she is two and a half and we have a dog and cat.

Here's the before pic:


Q: Two pets and a toddler... sounds like the perfect storm! How did you come across Airloom Flooring?

A: A good friend of mine who is an interior architect told me about Airloom, I went to your website and was immediately impressed with the super designs, colours, materials and sizes available for really reasonable prices. 


Q: You chose Quick Fit ... tell us a bit about why you chose this product.

A: I chose the Quick Fit option for Gemma’s room as it seemed like a really practical solution for a child’s room. I was very pleased as the look is a very realistic, classic wood grain which won’t date and the colour is a Warm Oak which is perfect for her small room as it is light and cool for summer but warm in winter. The feel and texture under foot is soft and comfortable for little and big feet and the product is so easy to clean by simply wiping a dirty spot or mopping regularly. The best part was that it was so quick and easy to install, but beyond all of this the price was so reasonable which made the decision a complete “no-brainer”.


Q: Having gone through the process, what are your thoughts about the speed/ease of the installation? Are you happy with the outcome?

A: It is such a simple and quick process that I would easily recommend it to friends. I am used to carpet/ laminate installation taking 2-3 days at a minimum but with the Quick Fit it literally took the team about two hours from start to finish. The short time however did not mean that the job was not well done - they did a super job, super fast!

 Xan has used the Cross Your Heart rug from Airloom's Printed Collection as a pop of colour on Gemma's floor.



Q: And lastly, what does Gemma think of her new floor?

A: Gemma is so pleased with her new floor  it seems to completely outshine the fact that she has a new bed!  


And here is the Le Grange family kitty! She has such beautiful fur, which thankfully doesn't get stuck in the Airloom Inside Out rugs which artfully adorn Xan's home. 


Xan went on to tell us more about her choice of rugs around her home:

"I have a number of Airloom rugs as well and couldn’t be happier with them. Living in a busy household with a dog, cat and 2-year-old the rugs often have grubby marks on them and instead of having to have them professionally cleaned we can literally hose them down and leave them to dry – which they do in an afternoon.

 The designs are contemporary, trendy and neutral colours which fit perfectly in our house and décor style. Below are the Sherpa, Basketweave and Diamond Inside Out rugs


"The house has now resulted in looking a little like the Airloom showroom  I was also very pleased that I went to them to look at options for Gemma’s room and have now tried another Airloom product – the Quick Fit, which is just fantastic. Our next project is to redo our bedroom floor and Airloom will be it!"


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