Totally Smitten with our new retail space

Good news if you're in Cape Town Southern Suburbs!

We've just set up shop in the most gorgeous space in Kenilworth - Smitten Home & Life. It is a wonderful gift shop, filled to the brim with beautiful homeware, clothing, jewellery and loads of inspiring gift ideas.

You'll find Airloom in the corner, with a selection of our decor items and smaller rugs. So if you've been wanting to come touch and feel our rugs (but just can't get through to the Palms), here's your opportunity. We also have our flooring sample books here, for those of you contemplating a reno of sorts.

To give you a small taste, we've got tons of runners 

As well as a selection of our stunning wall hooks and shelves

And, perfect for gifting, some beautiful Tote Bags, Cushion covers and tableware

So grab a cup of coffee at Bootleggers across the Main Rd, directly opposite Smitten, and come have a look at this inspirational space. Here's their website too, if you'd like more info -

 Hope to see you there.




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When I was little, I was forever switching around the furniture in my room. Fast forward a few decades and nothing has changed. And that’s what Airloom is about… turning houses into homes, living life beautifully, and not taking yourself too seriously.  

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