Turn up texture. Mute the colours.

It goes without saying, that texture is not a trend that'll be here today and gone tomorrow. Rather, it is something that you can add to your home in the simplest ways, layer upon layer over time.

Earlier this month, we took a snap of this exhibition stand at Domotex trade show in Germany. I love the layers of different textures, all within a neutral colour palette. The rug on the floor above is beautiful, but I would be very nervous to step on it, let alone unleash my children and dog on it! These are things you don't have to give a second thought with Airloom's Robust Collection, which is big on texture, in a natural colour palette. 

Texture under your toes

The good news is that we've just received new stock of our best selling Stone Argyl design. These are easy to clean and water-resistant flat-woven polyproylene designs, which are perfect for indoor-outdoor space too.

 As with all our Robust Collection, the Argyle Stone can be custom made to size... perfect if you're looking for an eye-catching circular rug.

Have a look at the whole Robust Collection here. What's your favourite?


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