Want a natural-looking outdoor rug (with none of the down-sides)?

Browsing online, I found this beautiful image on the Domino Mag website of a natural fibre rug in an outdoor area. I love this look, but unless you want to be welcomed home with the smell of wet dog after it rains, Jute/Sisal/Sea Grass rugs are not ideally suited to outdoor spaces. 

The good news is, that Airloom has a range of natural-looking rugs that are also water-resistant and UV-resistant, as they are made of synthetic fibres. Rest assured, there isn't a hint of that plasticy, shiny look either! 


This is Airloom's Robust range of water-resistant / UV resistant rugs that can be custom made to the size you need. In fact, you can even make different shapes like runners (perfect for passages or the kitchen) as well as circular rugs.



R1999 for a 1.8m Diameter Circular Rug (available in a variety of colours)

R2950 for a 1.6 x 2.3m Rug (many different colours and sizes available)

And while the Robust Collection is perfectly suited for outdoor areas, it's just as comfortable indoors! Have a look at the whole collection here, or if you'd like something with a bolder design, have a look at our Inside Out Collection



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