DIY Scanning Tutorial



Once you've signed up for RenoStation, we will send you the links to unlock this process. You will need to watch the video above and read the following guidelines. Scanning your room requires a technique – that is super-simple but necessary to follow. Once you have downloaded the Application and entered the AIRLOOM2 code, the process is as follows:


Before you start the scan:


  •       Stand in the centre of the room,  or as close to the centre as possible
  •       Remember that we can only scan what we can ‘see’ from this central point
  •       To start a scan press the + sign

Helpful Hints:

  •   If you have a big variance in the lighting of the room, start in the more well-lit area
  •   We love pets, but while you scan try to ensure that they are not moving through the frame; so it is often best to remove them from the room first.


Initialising the App:


The App needs to gauge the distances first; we call this “Initialising’. This is a very important two-step process so needs to be completed before each scan.

1) Point the phone at a detailed area, for example, a furnished corner of the room, and move sideways (step left and right). You'll see a checkmark sign when this step is done.

2) Move the phone in a circle until the scale initialization step is completed (you can see progress in percentage on the top of the screen). You can see the suggested motion in a small video on the bottom of your screen. Basically, try to follow the green dot with your white dot on the screen. You'll see a checkmark sign when this step is done as well.

Once this is done, the scan will start automatically.

Helpful Hints:

  •   This step is super-important for accuracy so take care during these processes.


Scanning Technique:


  •       In a smooth motion, scan the room by moving the phone up and down in a ‘painting’ motion.
  •       You will see in the App what is being scanned – the checkerboard areas are yet to be scanned.
  •       Stay in the centre of the room, rotating slowly on the spot in one direction (in other words if you have started the scan in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, please continue in that direction).
  •       The App will recognise when you are coming back to your starting point; it will prompt you to ‘Close the Loop’ – do this by feeding the Triangle into the Circle on-screen.
  •       Wait for the loop closure to finish and a checkmark sign will appear. You are now done.

 Helpful Hints:

  •       We don’t need you to capture every nook and cranny – the AI will ‘join the dots’ for us – so when you get a blank wall, you can ‘paint’ around these areas.
  •       We don’t need you to capture the whole ceiling or floor – if we have the corners, we can join the dots
  •       The scan doesn’t like big blank areas like walls with no shelves or picture frames – you will see a warning message about positional tracking if you are in a blank area. Always try and keep an object in the frame.


Finished scanning... now what?


Once you have completed the scan you will need to:

  •       Rename the scan by tapping on the down arrow next to the time and date (e.g. Living Room)
  •       Hit the upload button in the top right corner
  •       Follow the prompts and keep your phone next to an internet connection while it is uploading