RenoStation FAQ's



What do you mean by scanning?

Instead of using a traditional measuring tape or even a Laser-pointer device, we use either a mobile phone or a specific attachment for an iPad which captures the measurements of the space.

How does it work?

Depending on how you decide to do the scanning, the Applications are using photogrammetry or a combination of photogrammetry and LiDAR (see Structure Sensor below).

Photogrammetry uses thousands of pictures taken from your camera, and the stitches them together to build out the geometry of the space.

LiDAR uses the same principals of Sonar and Radar – bouncing Infra-Red light off objects and thereby understanding the geometry of the space.

What comes out of the scan?

Out of this scan, we can extract a variety of different outputs, both in existing formats, including for CAD, Sketch Up and Revit, but also into specific design software designed for this pipeline.

How difficult is it to scan?

A huge effort has been put into making the scanning experience as simple and easy to use as possible. If you need help, we have more information here. What is really important for us is that you follow the instructions in this information to improve your scan technique.

What do you mean by ‘scan technique’

Just like you’ve perfected your technique for your perfect selfie, it is important that you scan using a technique that we can assist you with. It’s pretty simple to follow – have a look here.

View the Scanning Tutuorial here




I’m a trade customer – how can RenoStation benefit my business?

While Airloom welcomes all customers, at this early stage of development, we are looking to involve trade customers. We have already engaged a number of businesses in a number of different sectors. Should you have trade queries, please email

Is this only for my client’s home – what about bigger Commercial Spaces?

Using the Structure Sensor we can capture most spaces, including large Commercial, Residential and Retail spaces


Two different ways to scan your space


1) Remote Site Visit: DIY Scan the room yourself


Do I require a specific mobile device?

Yes it does – for the moment, it is available on iOS only – so only Apple devices. To be exact, the Application would require an iPAD or iPhone 7th generation or newer. (preferably 8th generation).

Will DIY Scanning be available on Android in the future?

Yes – that is the plan; watch this space…

Why won’t an older generation iPad or iPhone work?  This scanning technology requires a certain level of sophistication in the camera to work. Even when it is available on Android, it will still require a phone with a relatively up to date camera on-board.




2) Airloom Site Visit: We'll use our Structure Sensor to capture your scan (available in CT and JHB area, when lock-down restrictions allow)


What is the Structure Sensor?

The Structure Sensor is a LiDAR device which clips onto a normal iPad; the software that runs it is Canvas. The Structure Sensor can work off an iPAD 6th generation or newer.

What’s the difference between using a Structure Sensor or just using an iPhone/iPad?

The main difference is that the Structure Sensor uses LiDAR in addition to the camera. This makes the scan experience different which means that we can do far larger areas and in addition the data captured is far richer.