RenoStation for your home

Whether you're looking for the perfect rug, changing floors, doing a bit of an interiors facelift, or even renovating your whole home, Airloom’s Renostation is the ultimate tool to help you manage the process. With Free Styling Advice, we take the guesswork out of all those tricky decor decisions.


Scan your home once. Benefit in a myriad of ways:

  • Get your room's accurate measurements uploaded onto your profile on RenoStation for multiple contractors to access, upload reports, upload quotes and design work. It's everything you need in one place.
  • Our Free Styling Advice lets you visualise your space before you commit to any changes. Whether it's choosing the right rug, selecting new floors, changing your interiors or doing a larger renovation. Here's a bit of inspiration to give you a clearer idea of what's instore. 
  • One site visit can get you comparative quotes from a range of different companies.  This will help you to make an informed decision with regards to which contractor you select. Better than having three different contractor traipsing through your home, right?



Start by signing up for a home scan. This allows us to capture measurements of your space from which we create a floor plan of your room or home. 


Please Note: Currently, you need an iPhone/iPad 8th generation or newer to do a home scan. (Android will follow in the next phase.) If you don't have access to this device, Airloom is available to do scans in Cape Town & Johannesburg areas only (as soon as lockdown restrictions allow).